Plasma Application MONODZUKURI (PLAM)

Plasma Application Monodzukuri (PLAM) is a study group at PLACIA in which people from companies interested in industrial applications of plasma technology can enroll as members.
PLAM holds lecture meetings and performs other activities regularly.  PLAM members can get useful information from the lecture meetings, and receive various services of PLACIA.

  • Enrollment is accepted anytime
  • Membership fee is free

Major Activities

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  • Lectures on Plasma Technology
  • Information Exchange Meetings
  • Series of practical studies about plasma applications
  • Past Activities
  • International Symposiums
    Programs of symposium
    2008 2009 2010
    2011 2012  

Enrollment Guide

Send us an e-mail with your name, company name, and contact information.

Secretariat of Plasma Application Monodzukuri (PLAM)