The Industries of Nagoya

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Characteristics of the Economy and Industry of Nagoya
Industries in Nagoya City

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Part3. Industries in Nagoya City

Chapter1. Manufacturing Industry

  1. As of December 31, 2005, the manufacturing industry (business establishments with four or more persons engaged) of the city had 6,333 establishments (up 2.4% from 2004) and 120,262 persons engaged (down 1.0%) with a product shipment value of 3.6607 trillion yen (up 4.8%), and added value of 1.3320 trillion yen (up 3.7%). Three out of four major indexes in manufacturing showed an improvement over the previous year.

  2. The composition of the manufacturing industry in the city shows that the percentage of small and medium-sized establishments is extremely high, with small-sized establishments (with 4 to 29 persons engaged) accounting for 90.9% and medium-sized establishments (with 30 to 299 persons engaged) accounting for 8.6%.

  3. The classification by segment of the manufacturing industry in the city shows that general machinery ranks first for all of the three indexes (number of business establishments, number of persons engaged, and product shipment value). In the number of business establishments, general machinery is followed by metal products, printing and related services, food, and plastic products. These five types of business account for about 60% of the total.

  4. In the number of manufacturing business establishments by ward, they are most concentrated in Nakagawa Ward with 929 establishments, followed by Minato Ward and Nishi Ward, in that order. regarding the concentration of the manufacturing industry by region of the city, different industries are concentrated in different areas: heavy industry in the coastal area around the Port of Nagoya (including Minato Ward and Minami Ward), general machinery in the eastern part of the city (including Chikusa Ward and Meito Ward), and urban type industries such as printing and related services around the downtown area (including Naka Ward).

  5. In the manufacturing industry, the city is ranked third following Tokyo (23 wards) and Osaka City in terms of the number of business establishments and the number of persons engaged, both of which increased by as much as 2.5% in the city from 2004 (a higher growth rate than Tokyo and Osaka). The city's product shipment value has also grown by 5.7%, which is the second largest following Kawasaki City. These figures reflect the briskness of the manufacturing industry in the city.
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